The Journey

In 2008, when we have opened the first Casa Bunicii Restaurant, we focused on two major things: to bring to life and provide our childhood’s dishes and, at the same time, to uncover the culinary multiculturalism of our family and to create a place where families with children be welcomed and helped.

The kids

As a parent of three, I know that going out to a restaurant together with the kids is a real challenge. That’s why at Casa Bunicii we’ve imaged and designed a series of ways to make life easier for them.

Granny’s grandchildren are expected with an indoor playground equipped with video surveillance system that transmits live images to the restaurant screens and an outdoor playground featuring a rubber pavement to prevent injuries. In our garden we have cradles suitable for all ages, mountaineering hexagons and castle slides. Bunica looks forward to seeing her babies as well, preparing them an extra space in the mother’s bathrooms, specially designed for their care.


Here in Banat, Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Serbians, Bulgarians and even French wrote a complex and exhaustive cookbook. So the food in Banat cannot be found in the rest of the country.
What we now call comfort food, when we were children used to called it simple food. That’s why at Casa Bunicii we wanted to keep as much as possible from our culinary heritage: we prepare our own pickles, we bake the eggplant, we make elderberry or raspberry syrups.


“Casa Bunicii 1 and 2 are among the best restaurants in Timișoara, both being among the my favourites due to the impeccable service, including location, pleasant environment, friendly staff and excellent food. I strongly recommend them both!”

Zoran Bugarschi

“I recently had a private event at Casa Bunicii. We were offered everything we asked at a great price, the food was delicious and the staff was professional and friendly. Children’s playground is a big plus. I recommend!”

Andreea Hus

“Excellent food, warm atmosphere, like at the Grannies’ house.”

Bogdan Oneasă

“A place where I’m always keen to come back! Excellent food and services. The children are not bored at all, and even more, they can hardly wait to finish their food to run to play.”

Mioara Ioana Popescu

„I am extremely impressed by the professionalism shown by the staff in Casa Bunicii, as well as by the delicious dishes. We had a small-scale event organized here and everything was perfect, from fast communication to the food itself. Thank you for everything, you have earned us as loyal customers.”

Sabina Manta

“Very good food! It’s one of my most favourite and dearest restaurants all over the world!”

Irena Ralu

“It’s a fine restaurant with good food and pleasant and welcoming environment. Ideal for families with children, but also to illustrate the Banat spirit.”

Sanda Armeanca

“I organized the baptism celebration of my girl at Casa Bunicii 2. Everything was outstanding: staff of grade 10, excellent food. We will surely come back again.”

Veronica Cristian

“Congratulations to the chef! Today we ate the best food in a Romanian restaurant! Taste, texture, color…a perfect balance, a treat for our taste buds.”

Aura Aluasiu

„Beautiful, state-of-the-art and yet traditional interior design and furniture. The food is the same, delicious and variate.”

Alecsandra Bejan

Casa Bunicii 1
Virgil Onițiu Street, no. 3, Timişoara, 0723.656.918

Casa Bunicii 2
Petőfi Sándor Street, no. 79, Dumbrăviţa, 0723.656.919

Casa Bunicii 1
Virgil Onițiu 3, Timişoara, 0723.656.918

Casa Bunicii 2
Petőfi Sándor 79, Dumbrăviţa, 0723.656.919

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